LICO Austria GmbH
Gnas 203
A-8342 Gnas

Tel.: +43 03151 27 60-0
Fax.: +43 03151 27 60-4
E-mail: office@lico-austria.at

How to reach us!

How to arrive

Our company is located in the beautiful Val Müstair, in Switzerland.
Exactly in the tri-border region Switzerland, Italy, Austria.

How do you get to us best?

  • by plane: From Zurich airport it takes about 3 hours by car (CH) From Munich airport it takes about 3.5 hours by car (D) from Verona airport it takes about 2.5 hours by car (I) From Milan / Bergamo airport it takes about 3 hours by car (I) from Innsbruck airport it takes about 2 hours by car (A)
  • by train: From the train station Mals (I) it takes about 15 minutes by car From the train station Zernez (CH) there is still about 45 minutes driving time by car

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