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Innovation Award

Innovation Award for Sustainable Building

September 2020

In this year’s Innovation Award for Sustainable Building, Micodur / Minero One was awarded as finalist. Particularly convincing was our innovative Second-Life concept, which, according to the philosophy “use instead of throwing away”, provides a second chance for used floors and thus sets new standards in the field of sustainability and environmentally friendly construction.

Innovation | Sustainability


Expansion of our photovoltaic plant

The newest expansion of the photovoltaic plant on the LICO roof provides an even more efficient use of solar energy. With an area of over 20,000 m², we generate 1.5 million kWh of clean, sustainable energy per year.


Prix Lignum 2018

The Prix Lignum 2018 is given for a innovative, high-quality and futher use of wood in buildings, in interior design, in furniture and artistic work. The awarding fo the price aims to promote the use of wood in the construction section to a broad public.

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The sun provides us with about 10000 times of the yearly energy demand of the whole world.  We as LICO use the solar energy for our electricity production.

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logistics system

Sustainable logistics

The various facets of sustainability are also evident in the logistics industry. Environmentally friendly logistics means in particular reducing CO2 emissions, reducing fuel consumption and focusing on environmentally friendly drives and energy efficiency.

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