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Floor Planner

Experience our trendy wood and stone decors in the LICO floor planner!

Choosing the perfect floor is often not easy. We often lack the right visualisation of how the floor will look in the room.

With the new LICO floor planner, our floors can be laid virtually in various predefined and individual rooms to make it easier to choose the new floor of your choice.

The floor planner offers numerous possibilities:

Take a photo of your own room and upload it.

A few moments later, you can already see what the selected floor will look like in your own room. The room objects and the original light/shadow situation are retained, making the virtually laid floor look very realistic and lifelike. Alternatively, a photo gallery of different living spaces is also available.

Test, compare and save floors.

Our trendy vinyl floors can be tried out, compared with each other and saved to a favourites list.

Lengthways, crossways or diagonally?

The laying direction plays a key role in the spatial effect of the floor. The laying angle can be adjusted step by step at the click of a mouse.

My LICO floor planner